Runway to Success

Runway to Success is an unprecedented initiative to discover, mentor and reward tomorrow’s business leaders. A collaboration between Lufthansa, ET NOW and TiE,this unique television series is part of a programme conducted over multiple stages:

Small and medium entrepreneurs are invited to attend Runway to Success Mentorship Camps where they can benefit from the guidance of experienced mentors.
Over 100 Runway to Success Mentorship Camps are organized at major metropolitan hubs like Delhi and Chennai, where ‘guru sessions’ are conducted with celebrated entrepreneurs, along with individual and group mentoring sessions. The camps are also held online via webinar.
Entrepreneurs are invited to register and share their business story to vie for a spot on the Runway to Success television series, where top business leaders are showcased and SMEs compete for top honours.
A shortlist of 27 SME’s compete across 9 episodes. Each episode of the television series is divided into two segments:
Showcasing the path-breaking success story of the iconic business leader as an inspiration to young aspiring entrepreneurs.
Featuring three SME contestants presenting their business case to the icon, who then selects an episodic winner.
The winners of each episode then move on to the semi-finals and thereon to the Grand Finale to compete for the Grand Prize. Besides a Lufthansa Business Class return ticket to Europe, the Grand Prize winner is provided with months of learning and mentorship on the various facets of running a successful business

Startup talk

– 25th May 2017 by Mr. Maneet Singh – CEO, ADI Group
Points discussed in the session:
Never startup without a business plan even if I have to pay for getting it done
Mission and vision of company has to be aligned with people on ground Ÿ Spend time daily in strategy and planning
Look for people in network who can be helpful in growing your business and not just strategists
Form a board for your company and induct people who can ask right questions and can make CEO accountable
Allocate set budget for sales and marketing. Don’t ignore such key functions
Retain key people even if you have to give esops or equity

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