Business Model Innovation session – 5th June 2017

TiE Chandigarh has conducted a session on Business Model Innovation 5th June 2017. This talk was delivered by Dr. Rajendran Srivastava, Dean – ISB. This session focused on the development of new, unique concepts supporting an organization’s financial viability, including its mission, and the processes for bringing those concepts to fruition. It demands neither new technologies nor the creation of brand-new markets: It’s about delivering existing products that are produced by existing technologies to existing markets. And because it often involves changes invisible to the outside world, it can bring advantages that are hard to copy. Prof. Rajendran Srivastava, Dean ISB, showed example after example of companies which have created Trust amongst their customers and have been leaders in one of 3 areas – Innovation, Operations, Design/Prestige. For example : – Intel, GSK, Being focused in the area of innovation – Fedex, Ryanair, Dell focused on operation – Google, Porsche, Coke, Microsoft focused on design/prestige

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